Cookies for SoldiersTM began when one dad simply told some of his buddies that he was sending a packet to his son in Afghanistan.  His buddies immediately asked if they could send some cookies and the next day took up a donation at a meeting in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Cookies for SoldiersTM is as simple as 1,2 3.

1.       Find the mailing address of a soldier
2.      Bake one hundred homemade cookies
3.      Individually wrap the cookies and place in a United States post office military mailing box (get at any post office).

Cost is about $12.50 for shipping the cookies. Fill out a customs form.  The shipping takes only a few minutes, especially if you have the forms already filled out in advance.

Please visit the News Page and read the article. Cookies for SoldiersTM is already an outreach of the Oilfield Christian Fellowship (Tulsa chapter) in partnership with the non-profit “I Cried Too” www.icriedtoo.org.

Join Cookies for SoldiersTM today to receive all the artwork and trademark logos so that you, your restaurant, church, club, school or organization can bring the sweetness of “giving” to a soldiers life. Find a military family or ask around at your workplace and community for a soldier who just may want to receive a surprise box of homemade cookies he or she can share with their friends and military associates.

It’s easy and rewarding.  Contact us today to start your very own Cookies for SoldiersTM campaign.

This is about blessing the men and women who stand in harm’s way.

Please help! Give our soldiers a taste of home!

If you want to donate for others to send the cookies on your behalf please donate here: